Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spirit of the Patriot - Drug Addict

Look at you you piece of shit 
you waste of life you make me sick 
you live in Cali, you shoot dope 
you're a lost cause, there is no hope 
you sit on corners and beg for change 
its your face id like to re-arrange 
hippies try to befriend you 
when the fuck will you get a clue?
You're a drug addict, a fuckin piece of trash 
its your face that I would like to smash 
you're a drug addict, a fuckin piece of shit 
I cant stand you, you make me sick 
you fuckin drug addict you piece of shit
You ride a skateboard, hang at the beach 
ain't got a job, you're a fuckin leech 
you're nodding out in the sand, you're a pitiful mess and not a man 
so take your surfboard and hippie politics 
and shove them up your ass 
when I get my hands on you 
you'll be fading fast

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